The Status Quo of Chinese Hardware Industry: "Lost" and "Abnormal"

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When the financial crisis swept the world, China's hardware industry has not been spared, some of the strength is not strong, low technology enterprises closed down, the conversion of production. The Hardware Industry Association has held different types of discussions, and the trade press has called for the rescue of those "poor enterprises" from different angles.

Chinese hardware electromechanical industry collective lost and abnormal

The American shoddy goods crisis has spread to every corner of the world like a plague, and China is not immune. The Chinese government announced that the GDP growth rate slowed down, and the Americans and Europeans tightened their belts and reduced the use of cheap Chinese products. When Mr. Ma, the iconic figure of Chinese Internet marketing, shouted "Winter" to China's small and medium-sized enterprises, the Chinese hardware and mechanical industry seemed to lose its direction overnight and became a slave to the environment as a whole. Sadly!

Industry associations have conducted various forms of seminars and hired so-called well-known experts to give on-site "sermons". These are normal phenomena and beyond reproach. However, when I visited Chinese hardware and electrical machinery business owners, I mostly saw panic and ran around like headless flies. Where are the usual management practices, I can't help but ask.

As a media, it should play the role and function of objective reporting and correct guidance. But much of our trade press almost unanimously agreed that we should save the "poor corporations". However, it has never been analyzed from the high level of economic laws. This phenomenon is just a negative performance of the economic cycle, which will definitely eliminate some enterprises. Enterprises should take advantage of such challenges to improve themselves. If companies are having trouble coping, why not think about how others are doing while their own companies are in danger? It is time to look at themselves.

Gao Wenguang, chairman of Tianjin Wenguang Group, set a great example for China's hardware and electromechanical industry. He told reporters: "When others cut salaries for employees, I raise salaries for employees; Others downsize, I expand the scale, recruit new people ", such rhetoric and practice has been rare, at least in the hardware and electrical industry, it is a rare thing; At the same time, this sentence to the Chinese hardware colleagues, winter needs to be stored before the winter, not last-minute cramming.

As the Chinese government, there is an unspeakable helplessness for Chinese enterprises (including, of course, Chinese hardware and electrical enterprises). For China's hardware and electromechanical industry, from the perspective of solving the employment problem of China's ordinary labor force, the government certainly needs the existence and sustainable development of a large number of Chinese hardware and electromechanical enterprises that can provide a large number of ordinary jobs. But on the other hand, China's hardware electromechanical industry backward technology, low value-added products, overcapacity phenomenon is quite serious; In the long run, such labor-intensive and resource-consuming enterprises will hinder the overall upgrading of China's hardware and electrical industry and reduce the competitiveness of Chinese products in the world. Therefore, the government reduced the export tax rebate for some products in 2007, clearly expressing the determination to eliminate some backward enterprises.

Wang Yang, the party secretary of Guangdong Province, recently slapped Chinese companies in the face with his harsh words: "We will never help backward enterprises." Such a statement by the Guangdong government shows its determination and courage. China's market economy has developed to the present day, and no one should be hindered, even if the employment issue is used as a shield.

The financial storm has opened the veil of China's backward hardware electromechanical industry