What hardware does hardware mean?

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From the literal and narrow sense, hardware refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, du tin; Now usually refers to metal or zhi copper iron and other products.

Generally speaking, hardware now refers to the metal products used in daily life. Such as:

1, lock hardware: including external door lock, handle lock, drawer lock, ball door lock, glass window lock, electronic lock, chain lock, burglar lock, bathroom lock, padlock, number lock, all kinds of lock body, lock core and so on.

2, handle hardware: including drawer handle, cabinet door handle, glass door handle,

3, door and window hardware: including all kinds of hinges, all kinds of track (drawer track, sliding door track, lifting wheel, glass pulley), all kinds of (bright and dark) latch, all kinds of door suction, all kinds of spring and door clamp, all kinds of door closers, and plate pin, door mirror, anti-theft buckle hanging, all kinds of strips (copper aluminum), touch beads, magnetic touch beads, etc.

4. Decorative hardware: including universal wheel, cabinet leg, nose, air duct, stainless steel trash can, metal hanger, plug, curtain rod (copper, aluminum alloy), curtain rod ring, sealing strip, lifting clothes hanger, clothes hook, coat hanger.

5, plumbing hardware: including all kinds of pipes, tees, wire, elbow, all kinds of valves, all kinds of floor drains, etc.

6, construction hardware: including galvanized iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, rivets, cement nails, advertising nails, mirror nails, expansion bolts, self-tapping screws, glass brackets, glass clips, insulation belts, ladders, shelves and so on.

7, tools and hardware: including hacksaw, saw blade, all kinds of pliers, screwdriver (word, cross), tape measure, glass glue gun, all kinds of drill, diamond, all kinds of electric hammer drill, hole opener and so on.

8. Bathroom hardware: including washers faucet, washing machine faucet, delay faucet, shower, soap dish holder, soap butterfly, single cup holder, single cup holder, double cup holder, double cup holder, paper towel holder, toilet brush holder, toilet brush, single bar towel holder, double bar towel holder, single shelf, multi-layer shelf, bath towel holder, beauty mirror, hanging mirror, soap dispenser, hand dryer, etc.

9. Kitchen hardware and household appliances: Including kitchen cabinet basket, kitchen cabinet pendant, sink, sink faucet, scrubber, range hood (Chinese, European), Gas stove, oven (electric, gas), water heater (electric, gas), pipe, natural gas or liquefied gas tank, gas heater, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, bath bar, exhaust fan (roof type, window type, wall type), water purifier, skin dryer, food waste processor, rice cooker, hand dryer, refrigerator, etc.