Function of wooden house metal connector (special nail for wooden structure)

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1. Stainless steel screws have a wide range of uses, such as fixing on the wooden beam of the flower rack; In the wooden pavilion, the fixation of the wooden roof and wooden beam; Fixation of wooden crosspieces and wooden columns in wooden railings, etc.
2. Galvanized nails, as the name implies, are usually used to fix wooden boards and wooden keels on wooden platforms.
3. Galvanized expansion bolts are usually used for wooden structures that directly contact the foundation surface. Of course, the foundation surface is mainly concrete structure or mixed brick structure. Generally speaking, it is usually used to design bolts opposite angle iron and galvanized steel.
4. The fastening screw has basically the same effect as the expansion bolt. However, its price is much lower than that of expansion bolts. When designing the internal structure of some wooden platforms, if the keel is less than 70 mm × 70 mm, I will use it to fix the wooden keel on the concrete foundation surface. The method is to use the impact drill to drive the nail directly from the wooden keel to the foundation surface. Then, hang it down with a hammer. It can have a fixed effect. 5. Self-tapping screw; It is widely used in the general design of steel and wood structures. For example, when designing a bending flower rack, many of its beams are usually designed as steel structures, including square steel and channel steel, due to the consideration of load and other factors. However, in order to ensure the unity of the whole structure; Square steel or channel steel will be wrapped with wood. Then, self-tapping screws are now used to fix wooden blades and steel-wood beams.