It's learned to fix iron nails on wooden squares

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There is a lot of knowledge in fixing iron nails on wooden squares. Let's study the splicing methods of fixing iron nails on wooden squares. What are the differences between them.
1、 Process principle of plastic formwork engineering
The plastic formwork support system combines the visual advantages of large steel formwork with the advantages of easy formwork erection and flexibility of wood formwork. The splicing of plastic formwork can be directly fixed on the wooden block with iron nails. According to the size of concrete components, various models can be used to connect and combine in the longitudinal and transverse directions, which is convenient for construction. The concrete forming size can be more accurate through the use of special fixtures. By using plastic formwork, the appearance quality of concrete can be more easily guaranteed, and the construction operation is more convenient than steel formwork, wood formwork and bamboo formwork.
2、 Production process and operation points of low foaming multi-layer plastic building formwork
The production process and operation points of low foaming multi-layer plastic building formwork belong to product patents and have passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements.
Formwork removal:
1. Control the time of formwork removal. Premature formwork removal will cause the wall concrete to stick to the formwork. When the concrete is completely solidified, the poured concrete will automatically separate from the formwork, and the formwork removal process will be faster and easier.
2. Formwork removal must have a form removal order signed by the construction technology department. It is forbidden to remove the form without permission. 3. The removal of the bottom formwork must comply with the provisions of GB50204-2002 Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Concrete Structures. The operation team must apply for the removal of the formwork and obtain the approval of the technical director of the project department before removal.
4. The formwork engineering operation shall follow the principle that the formwork erection and removal shall be carried out by one operation team, and the support shall be removed first from the lateral support and then from the vertical support.
5. The working surface of the plastic formwork after removal is clean, free of ash and other garbage, and the contact surface with the concrete does not need to be coated with release agent.
3、 Materials and equipment
Material preparation: low foaming multi-layer plastic building formwork, channel steel, angle steel, batten, nails, bolts, reinforcement, sponge strip.