Why do metal stamping parts crack

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There are many reasons for the cracking of metal stamping parts:

1. Local tensile stress is too large

In the process of processing, due to the local tensile stress is too large, the metal stamping parts are affected by the internal stress and external impact, which leads to the local large bulging deformation and cracking.

2, the forming process parameters are not in place.

In the forming process, the process requires the die, the pressing core and the parts of the two must be closely bonded together, and the sheet material plastic deformation is realized when the sliding block of the machine tool slides down. The processing technicians do not adjust the pressure of the machine tool in time according to the specified requirements of the process at this stage, and the work is unstable, resulting in the cracking of the stamping parts.

3, flanging mold design defects

The mold is a double cavity of the left/right part of the common, because the process content in addition to flanging, but also the shape forming content, coupled with the special complex parts, bending surface is small, forming requirements of the concave mold pressing core and forming surface, resulting in the mold structure conditions of large forming stroke, small pressing area, cracking phenomenon.

4. The performance of stamping oil can not meet the process requirements

Stamping oil plays the role of isolating die and workpiece in stamping process, but the use of rapeseed oil, mechanical oil, recycled oil and other non-special oil will cause scratches and burrs in the stamping process because of its substandard performance. If serious, there will be workpiece cracking, mold damage and other problems.