Causes and countermeasures of oxidation of metal stamping parts

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Metal stamping parts are made of many different materials, such as plain brass, stainless steel, aluminum, tin, etc. These materials are stamped out of the metal stamping parts, sometimes there will be stamping parts oxidation problem. So what is the cause of this problem, do you know? How should the manufacturer of stamping parts make some reasonable and effective measures? See below.

1. Reasons

(1) The stamping parts are exposed to the easy oxidation environment for a long time or the environment is too wet before packaging. Or when the operator touches the stamping part due to sweat on his hands, the acid makes the stamping part more prone to oxidation.

(2) Chronic oxidation due to poor packaging or packaging defects in an external environment prone to oxidation.

(3) in the metal stamping process due to some special liquid drops on the raw material.

2. Measures.

(1) After stamping out, it is recommended to use hydrocarbon cleaning agent for cleaning in time

(2) Generally speaking, the production of metal stamping parts needs surface treatment. Therefore, before the finished product packaging, the surface of the stamping parts can be treated with electroplating, blackening, spraying, etc., to eliminate the oxidation phenomenon on the product surface.

(3) Anti-rust oil can be used for anti-rust treatment.

(4) Wear gloves when stamping or packaging metal stamping products, so that the skin does not directly contact the metal stamping products.

(5) Hardware stamping products after stamping avoid direct contact with rain, fog and other corrosive environment, because the rain contains a certain acid.