How does the manufacturer of metal stamping parts confirm the bending order of the bending parts

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Hardware stamping manufacturers how to confirm the bending order of the bending parts. Bending parts are common products in hardware stamping parts manufacturers, but for many bending products, how to determine the bending order, today we will explain the bending order of continuous bending hardware stamping parts.

The general order of bending.

1. Short side first, then long side. Generally speaking, when the four sides are bent, the short side is bent first, and then the long side is bent to facilitate the processing of stamping parts and the assembly of bending die.

2. Periphery first, center second. Under normal conditions, usually from the outside of the stamping to the center of the workpiece begins to bend.

3. First part and then whole. If there are some structures inside or outside the stamping that are different from the other bends, it is usual to bend these structures first before bending the rest of the parts.

4. Considering the drying and conditions, arrange the bending order reasonably: the bending order is not fixed, and the processing order should be properly adjusted according to the bending shape or the obstacles on the stamping parts. Hardware stamping parts manufacturers

Hardware stamping parts manufacturers in accordance with the four criteria to design the bending order, and then test whether it can meet the following requirements.

1. It is necessary to consider whether the cutting tool of the bending machine meets the requirements of Figure R.

2. See whether the lower knife or fixture of the bending machine blocks the next bending position.

3, see whether the last bending and the current bending tool and fixture scratch, collision.

4, to see whether the last bending and bending tools and fixtures scratch, bump.

5. See whether the scale of the last bending can be used as a reference for the positioning of the next bending.